TGSM Enhances Experiential Marketing Fan Experience at University in Louisville

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One of the biggest highlights of going to a big game is tailgating. it is an American tradition. Food, beer, and friends heighten the experience and game day excitement. Typically, however, tailgating parties have been organized at an individual level. They lack centralization, sponsor giveaways/promotions,  and also clean restrooms. Tailgating Sports Marketing (TGSM) is changing the industry and setting a new standard with experiential marketing.

At a recent event in Louisville to kickoff a newly renovated college stadium, TGSM participated, engaging fans with their digital interactive portable restroom trailers, which are uniquely designed and outfitted to enhance the  fan experience. The stadium provided a large area for tailgaters, and TGSM provided an incredible experiential marketing fan experience. Fans love the digital engagement and cleanliness, while sponsors appreciate the additional space for advertising.


Consider Tailgaters When Renovating

As fan bases grow, more and more stadiums are renovating and adding amenities. This is the perfect time to plan for tailgating parties and add fan-focused digital interactive opportunities to a designated tailgating party area. The fans love the additional thought venues are putting into their comfort, and will be more likely to return for future events.

A Peek Inside the TGSM Trailer

Experiential Marketing | Fan Experience | Tailgating Sports MarketingTGSM trailers are state of the art. Your fans and sponsors have never experienced anything like this before. The units feature interactive digital engagement, which keeps the fans’ attention and allows marketers to connect with their demographic. By optimizing the experiential marketing fan experience, the number of returning fans increases, which improves stadium profits and sponsor brand awareness with higher retention rates.

The digital platform connects with a mobile app. In today’s on-the-go society, everyone is on their cell phones and sharing their experiences with friends. TGSM helps sponsors capitalize on this by using a mobile app to achieve unprecedented retention rates through mobile lead generation and capturing. Also, sponsors are able to send push notifications with special offers and discounts, which drives the overall fan experience.

Corporate Ticket Holders Love the Enhanced VIP Tailgating Experiential Marketing Experience

To enhance the fan experience, TGSM provides a premium luxury experience to corporate ticket holders.  With 22 Digital Interactive games, 70” Vanishing Mirrors, and an 80” Outdoor TV streaming the live game, fans are immediately engaged.  

TGSM’s state-of-the-art, interactive restroom trailer with an on-board, attention-demanding, digital engagement intends to showcase the sponsor’s message and capture the interest of their key demographic. TGSM’s is strategically providing major sporting leagues and venues with risk-free, state-of-the-art mobile restroom facilities within an improved Tailgating Party “fan-experience” (EX: Super Bowl Pre-Party) to grow their corporate sponsorships, maximize their event attendance, and increase their overall net sales. TGSM provides unprecedented retention rates to the venue sponsors of their allusive demographic, with a mobile advertising platform centered on lead generation and lead capturing through mobile app.


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Tailgating Sports Marketing was established to provide stadiums, festivals, tailgating associations, concerts, and other events a fresh alternative to temporary restroom facilities. TGSM offers a state-of-the-art, fully interactive restroom trailer designed as an interactive engagement activation experience. Restrooms feature HD digital displays, interactive media display triggers, and mobile device gaming. Aimed at providing guests an unforgettable, comfortable and unique restroom experience, the units are also lucrative revenue opportunities for venue owners, sponsors and advertisers.

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