Technology Creates New Era in Fan Experience at Levi’s Stadium

Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, it’s no surprise that Levi’s Stadium has become a clear leader in technological innovations in the NFL fan experience.  In its short history, the stadium has lead the way in adopting new and disruptive technologies.  From its network’s impressive 40 gigabyte-per-second bandwidth, to its 1,700+ beacon sensors, and its 2,000 Sony TVs – Levi’s Stadium is synonymous with today’s high-tech NFL fan experience.

In keeping with its reputation as a high-tech venue, Levi’s Stadium recently announced that it will be pushing the envelope of the high-tech NFL fan experience even further by partnering with identity security firm IDEMIA to develop the NFL’s first ever Trusted Fan Program.  The program, which is still in development, will be somewhat similar to the TSA Pre✓® program.  IDEMIA’s IdentoGO seems to be the perfect partner for this task, as they have been the exclusive registration agency for the TSA Pre✓® program since its inception.  

IdentoGO by IDEMIA Debuting on the Tailgating Lot at Levi’s Stadium

Not all of the specifics for the Trusted Fan Program have been announced yet, but it has been speculated that enrollment in the TSA Pre✓® program will qualify fans to take part in the Trusted Fan Program at Levi’s Stadium.  IdentoGO operates hundreds of registration centers around the country where travelers can enroll in the TSA Pre✓® program.  And as a first step in their partnership with Levi’s Stadium, they are deploying a mobile registration center to the “Faithful Mile” tailgating lot for all of the 49’ers home games this season.  

IdentoGO has two mobile registration centers, which are blue RVs that have been converted and outfitted with all the equipment found in any of their brick and mortar registration centers.  One of the RVs operates at special events on the West Coast, and it will be outside Gate C in Santa Clara for every home game this year.  The other RV operates at special events on the East Coast, and it will be onsite at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for all New York Jets home games.  

The next phase of the Trusted Fan Program will likely include expedited to Levi’s Stadium for registered fans, much like the TSA Pre✓® program allows registered travelers to skip several aspects of the security screening process at airports around the country.  

The future of the partnership between Levi’s Stadium and IdentoGO by IDEMIA will include cutting-edge technological improvements throughout the stadium to improve fan experience, enhance event security, and speed up lines at entry gates and points of sale.  Didier Lamouche, CEO of IDEMIA, has stated that future improvements could involve biometric solutions, although no specific technologies have been announced.  

A History of High-Tech Innovations in Fan Experience

This newly announced partnership with IdentoGO is not Levi’s Stadium’s first foray into cutting-edge disruptive technologies in the NFL fan experience.  In fact, it’s not even their first innovation at the entry gate.  In 2015, the stadium began partnering with visionary security firm Qylur to test the Qylatron Entry Experience Solution.  

The Qylatron is an automated security station that allows fans to scan their own tickets and even inspect their own bags.  Placed at select venue entries, the Qylatron uses a complex array of sensors and intelligence systems to process fans as they enter the stadium.  When a fan arrives at the Qylatron, they scan their ticket, place their bags onto an enclosed conveyor, and step through a metal detector.  If no problematic materials are found on the person or their baggage, the fan is allowed into the venue.  If any problems are found, the person is temporarily held in place until security personnel can conduct a more thorough check.

And there’s more.  When Levi’s Stadium opened back in 2014, they partnered with renowned gameday app developer VenueNext to create a proprietary mobile app, custom-tailored to maximize the fan experience in Santa Clara.  VenueNext developed an innovative ticket-scanning kiosk design as a compliment to the mobile app.  With the kiosks in place, fans at Super Bowl 50 could scan their own tickets, and then use the mobile app to find their designated seats (and order nachos).  

Creating a High-Tech Fan Experience on the Tailgating Lot

As the NFL fan experience continues to move in the direction of cutting-edge mobile technologies, venues around the league are striving to keep pace with Levi’s Stadium and other early adopters of disruptive technology.  While every stadium has now launched its own Wi-Fi network, and many have released their own apps – one area where many venues have fallen behind is the tailgating lot.  

The tailgating lot has long been recognized as prime territory for Sunday brand activations, as thousands of faithful fans gather to pass time together before kickoff.  But the cutting-edge technology that is proliferating at today’s NFL venues has largely remained inside the entry gates.  

TGSM’s state-of-the-art interactive tailgating trailers offer an instant opportunity for venues to bridge that gap and extend their technological capabilities to the tailgating lot.  Our trailers attract and retain fans from the most valuable demographics – engaging them with interactive gaming and social sharing opportunities.  Each of our trailers has an impressive array of wireless beacons and sensors that allow us to harvest a wealth of anonymous data.  It’s the perfect way for venues and sponsors to extend their technological reach to include activations and promotions on the tailgating lot.   

If you would like to learn more about TGSM’s interactive tailgating trailers and see one in action, give us a call today at (888) 995-2285.  One of our trained representatives will answer all of your questions and take you on a virtual tour of our trailer, our technology, and our amazing results!  

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