NFL Teams Expand Fan Engagement with Predictive Gaming

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As the world of sports marketing moves toward a digital experience, fan engagement will rely more and more on creative and innovative uses of fan data.  Data allows teams to provide a personalized experience for their fans.  Data also allows sponsors and marketers to precisely target their special offers and brand activations.

The trend towards aggressive data capture tactics is well established at this point.  Every NFL venue has implemented a high-speed data network, and many NFL teams have already released their own custom mobile apps.  It will be entertaining and instructive to watch the various tactics NFL teams choose to boost adoption rates for their apps.


The New York Jets have jumped out as an early leader, adding several innovative new features to their mobile app for the 2017 season.  In addition to an intelligent chatbot and visualized next-gen stat tracking, the Jets recently announced a new predictive gaming feature that is sure to increase downloads and participation for their mobile network.  

I Called It – The Jets’ New Predictive Game

The Jets new “I Called It” predictive game allows fans to compete against each other by predicting the outcome of each Jets offensive drive.  Fans guess whether the team will score or not, and they accumulate points during each game depending on the accuracy of their guesses.  Additional points are awarded for detailed predictions like whether the team will score a touchdown or a field goal, and whether they will punt, turnover, run out of time, or give up a safety.  

Additional points can be earned by interacting with the team’s mobile app or the team’s sponsors each week between gamedays.  The fans with the highest point totals are listed in real time on a leaderboard in the app, and they will be awarded with various prizes throughout the season including gift cards and Jets merchandise.

The game’s developer, Xperiel, took advantage of the Wi-Fi network in MetLife Stadium to make the game responsive to environmental inputs like wireless beacons and geotriggers.  This augmented reality experience rewards fans for staying online and playing the predictive game for the duration of the real football game.  

The NFL’s Growing Expertise in Mobile Fan Engagement

Among major sports organizations, the NFL is leading the way in developing new and creative applications for mobile technology.  Part of their motivation almost certainly comes from a desire to continue expanding their fan engagement efforts.  But at the end of the day, the data they have captured is probably equally as valuable as any gains in fan engagement.

Rich sets of relevant data are the most valuable currency in today’s sophisticated marketing environment.  Possessing an extensive set of data about its fans allows NFL teams to fine tune their customer targeting, and it is a valuable asset to leverage in negotiations with sponsors and advertisers.  You can bet that data capture is one of the driving forces behind every groundbreaking new mobile feature that is developed by major sports organizations.  

The pace of mobile development seems to be picking up in the sports world – especially in the NFL.  The league has its own signature mobile app.  And all around the league, team-specific apps are popping up that include ingenious fan engagement features like interactive instant replays, custom-tailored merchandise offers, and now competitive predictive gaming.  


Increasing Fan Engagement and Data Capture on the Tailgating Lot

TGSM is working arm-in-arm with teams around the league to expand their fan engagement efforts outside the stadium.  Our interactive gaming trailers enable venues to extend their wireless network all the way out to the tailgating lot, thanks to our integrated high-speed Wi-Fi network.

Our trailers attract and retain key demographics including women, families, and millennials.  We bring them in with free Wi-Fi and luxurious full-service restrooms.  And we keep them there with interactive games, a stereo broadcast sound system, live pregame coverage on our oversized high-def video wall, and more.  

And when it comes to data capture, our trailers are just as sophisticated as the typical venue network.  We have built in 22 interactive screens and 23 wireless beacons to gather as much data about your target audience as possible.  And because we specifically attract women and millennials, our data can actually be more valuable per byte than the data many NFL teams are gathering from their own mobile apps.

Implementing TGSM’s interactive technology at a new venue is fast and easy.  We have worked with most of the major app developers in the marketplace today to ensure that integrations are simple and seamless.  Get in touch with us today to begin learning more about how you can extend your fan engagement and data capture capabilities out into the tailgating lot.

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