Many Thanks to National Speedway Directory for the Speaking Invite at RTBC 2017

Fan Engagement

At TGSM, we’re always focused on innovative new ways to increase fan engagement at sporting events, races, concerts, and other major events.  So, we were honored and excited when Publisher, Timothy Frost of the National Speedway Directory asked us to present on the subject of fan engagement at their annual Race Track Business Conference this year in Indianapolis.

The RTBC was created to provide a platform for leaders from the motorsports industry to collaborate in an intellectual environment and share insights about innovations and emerging concepts in the field of racing.  This year’s conference featured topics ranged from legal issues and risk management to emerging video technologies.

Leading the Way in Fan Engagement

Fan Engagement
Jenn Piorkowski, Sales and Media Director at Tailgating Sports Marketing

Jenn Piorkowski, Sales and Media Director for TGSM, joined an exclusive panel of experts discussing the subject of fan engagement in the motorsports industry.  Jenn was joined by William Bader III, Owner of Summit Motorsports Park, and Jason Rittenberry, CEO of Kentucky Venues.  The panel discussed the current state of fan engagement in motorsports – along with several recent trends, including the growing role of data collection in fan engagement.

As new technologies emerge, motorsports marketers are gaining access to new data-driven insights that can be used to drive the development of more effective offers and content.  Jenn shared TGSM’s philosophies on how data analytics can be used to increase fan engagement and drive revenue with tactics like personalized experiences and multi-channel content.

“I would like to thank, Tim Frost, for the opportunity to speak at RTBC 2017. Not only was it an informative experience, but a lot of fun! Fan Experience begins in the parking lot and fans will share their experience, good or bad. I opened with “My mission in life is to ‘Kill the Porta-Potty’, because fans express the restroom experience as high on the priority list. It is part of the Fan Experience, and an opportunity to make a big impact. Bill [Bader] and Jason [Rittenberry] were great to share the stage with. I appreciate their points-of-view and long history in the Racing Industry.”

The panel focused on the topic of creating partnership value across marketing channels, with new insights about the relationships between spectators, the event and venue, sponsors, service providers, and vendors.  “This is an important conference to tracks large and small. The insight and expertise offered many takeaways and I hope I did, too.” says Jenn. “This is a tribal community. The camaraderie and challenges are unique to this community. The key is to bring the entertainment factor back to racing, and the fans will come.”

TGSM’s Innovative Approach to Fan Engagement

For years, TGSM has led the way in developing new and innovative approaches to fan engagement on the tailgating lot.  Our interactive restroom trailers are designed to attract and engage the most valuable demographics at any public event using cutting edge technology, social media integrations and advanced data gathering techniques.

Our free high-speed Wi-Fi network attracts millennials and women to the vicinity of the trailer.  And our state-of-the-art luxury restrooms ensure that they stay nearby for the duration of the tailgating event.  Interactive games and social-network integrations engage fans with the sponsoring brand’s messaging.  And an impressive array of interactive screens and beacon sensors tracks the entire experience, gathering a trove of valuable anonymous data about fans and their preferences.

Every aspect of the TGSM tailgating experience can be easily branded to match a sponsor’s message – from the custom wrap on the trailer itself, to the interactive screens, to the messages broadcast over the trailer’s integrated stereo broadcast system.

TGSM’s trained representatives are available to assist clients with every aspect of implementation.  We can help you integrate your mobile app.  We can help you develop a testing strategy for multiple campaigns and messages.  And we can help you understand how to put the data you gather to work to boost revenues, increase fan engagement, and maximize ROI on your event budget.

Contact TGSM Today to Learn More

If you’re looking for ways to increase fan engagement at tailgating events, get in touch with TGSM today.  We’d love to give you a virtual tour of our interactive trailers and discuss the ways you can use our units to boost the effectiveness of your event marketing efforts.

If  you would like to meet with Jenn Piorkowski, our Sales and Media Director – you can get in touch with her directly to schedule a meeting at (888) 995-2285.

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