Luxury Amenities Are the Hottest Trend in College Football Tailgating

Warm weather is here and while the NBA Playoffs are dominating sports on a professional level, colleges across the country are already gearing up for their most profitable season… football.  College football’s Power 5 teams are stacking their rosters as camps, combines, and showcases are held around the country. Collegiate sports are big business for schools with elite Division I teams and no sport generates more money year over year than football. At many schools, the revenues of a successful football program can fund the entire athletic department!

While much of the popularity of a team depends on its players and their success on the field, the experience of attending a game and becoming part of collegiate tradition happens outside of the stadium as well. Pregame hospitality or tailgating has reached a high in recent years. Corporate clients and college donors have grown accustomed to high-end amenities and a focus on luxury beyond stadium gates. It’s given rise to a new sector of turnkey service providers focusing specifically on tailgating. Well known leaders in this emerging industry include Block Party Suites, GameDay Traditions, Boxlife, and most notably the Tailgate Guys.

TGSM-Tailgate-MansionsTiny “tailgate mansions” built at Georgia Southern rent for $5,000 per game!

Tailgating Sports Marketing is the perfect complement to these turnkey tailgating providers. They offer a one-of-a-kind interactive restroom trailer for on-site sporting events, such as tailgating. Designed to offer a premium restroom experience with luxury amenities, these over-the-top trailers also include interactive media to keep fans engaged in the game and allow advertisers and corporate sponsors to generate substantial revenue from a captive audience. With flexible placement in parking lots or other areas, these restroom trailers go far beyond the standard portapotties found at outdoor sporting events.


With the 2016 only a few short months away, Tailgating Sports Marketing is already securing contracts with college football stadiums around the country to participate in home game tailgating events. “College students and fans are particularly well suited for the unique opportunity presented by Tailgating Sports Marketing,” says Chief Operating Officer, Teri Pahon. “With wi-fi access, a selfie-station, urinal games, media vanity mirrors and more, millennials are the perfect generation to market this to… but even those born before the 80s can appreciate a clean, sanitary restroom experience at pregame events.”

To learn more about the interactive restroom trailers from Tailgating Sports Marketing, we encourage you to check out this video below. You can also contact us 888-995-2285.

Collegiate Capabilities | Fan Experience | Fan Engagement from Tailgating Sports Marketing on Vimeo.

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Tailgating Sports Marketing was established to provide stadiums, festivals, tailgating associations, concerts, and other events a fresh alternative to temporary restroom facilities. TGSM offers a state-of-the-art, fully interactive restroom trailer designed as an interactive engagement activation experience. Restrooms feature HD digital displays, interactive media display triggers, and mobile device gaming. Aimed at providing guests an unforgettable, comfortable and unique restroom experience, the units are also lucrative revenue opportunities for venue owners, sponsors and advertisers.

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