7 Top NFL Fan Experiences at the 2017 Draft (All Free)

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The NFL is putting together an amazing fan experience for this year’s draft event in Philadelphia.  The league is pulling out all the stops and offering three full days of active and interactive attractions for fans of all ages.

The event will take place along a half-mile stretch of Benjamin Franklin Parkway.  The scheduled activities will fill an area equivalent to 25 football fields, making this the largest festival footprint ever created for an NFL event.

The festival kicks on Thursday, April 27 with activities running from noon until 11 PM.  The hours are the same on Friday.  Then on Saturday the activities will start at 10 AM and wrap up at 6 PM.

What is the Cost of an Incredible NFL Fan Experience?

When you read through the list of games and activities below, you might start wondering just how much this is going to cost you.  But there’s some great news in that regard.  The entire NFL Draft Experience festival is free, and no tickets are required.

While you won’t need to shell out any money for tickets, you do need to register for a QR code on NFL’s Fan Mobile Pass.  Registration is free, fast, and easy.  You just go to this website and enter your name and contact information.  You will receive a QR code that lets you scan yourself in to most of the events taking place during the 3 day NFL Draft Experience.

The only part of the festival that will require tickets is the reserved seating inside the NFL draft theater, where the actual draft will take place.  For the first time in NFL history, the draft theater is being constructed outdoors.  The theater is being built on the historic steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Due to the open-air design of the theater, fans without tickets will be able to watch the draft take place by standing behind the reserved seating section.

The 7 Best Fan Experiences at the 2017 NFL Draft

We looked through the plans for the weekend and gathered up 7 attractions that exemplify the ultimate NFL fan experience people can expect from this year’s draft.  Keep in mind, these are only a sampling of the best attractions.  Be sure to check out the NFL’s official page for full details.

#1 – Combine Corner and NFL Play 60 Zone

Be sure to wear your best active gear, because there are going to be plenty of opportunities to jump in and get physical at this year’s draft.  The Combine Corner attraction includes a vertical jump drill.  Fans can also compete against “real” NFL players in the 40-yard dash.  There will be a 40-yard long wall of LED screens with recordings of several favorite players.

The NFL Play 60 Zone will feature agility drills, high jumping drills, and an obstacle course.  Other competitive games include kicking a field goal, completing a touch pass, and throwing a “Hail Mary.”

#2 – Autograph Stage

Current star from around the league will be joined by NFL legends for a full weekend of great autograph opportunities.  The NFL hasn’t released the official schedule for the autograph stage yet, but it will be available soon.

#3 – Zip to the Future

Adventurous fans will have the opportunity to see the draft from a bird’s eye view while flying over the NFL Draft Experience on a 100-yard zip line.  This attraction will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Don’t sleep in if this one is on your to-do list for the weekend.

#4 – Gear Up & Go

Fan experience meets player experience on this attraction that lets everyday fans suit up in the same authentic NFL gear that’s used by the pros.  Strap on pads and a helmet and see how it feels to run out onto the field in full gear on gameday.

#5 – Vince Lombardi Trophy

This might be your best chance to get your picture taken with the famous Super Bowl trophy.  It’s the real thing – the same one that’s been hoisted up by Tom Brady, Payton Manning, and every other Super Bowl champion since 1967.

#6 – NFL Virtual Reality

So far you can dress up like a player, participate in combine drills, throw a pass, and kick a field goal.  But are you ready to line up with the best of the best on gameday?  At the NFL Virtual Reality attraction, you’ll get a chance to step right into the heart of a gridiron battle.  See the sights and hear the sounds as you experience the action on the field during a virtual NFL game.

#7 – Tailgating

When you’re finished testing your skills on the field, come over to the tailgating area to sample the taste of Philadelphia and take in some of the best food and drinks the city has to offer.

For the 2017 draft, the league has brought together the finest fare from around the city of Philadelphia.  This is the attraction we’re looking forward to the most.  We think tailgating is the most authentic NFL fan experience there is.  After all, where would the NFL be without tailgating fans?


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