5 Reasons Brands Ignore Generation X?

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They are at the pinnacle of their careers, yet many brands have overlooked them

As Generation X comes into their prime, brands are still overlooking their brand power. Gen Xers were born between 1965 and 1982. Sandwiched between the Baby Boomers and Millennials, there are 83 million Millennials, 77 million Baby Boomers, and only 65 million Gen Xers.

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1. They Are a Small Population:

Gen X demographic is a mere 65 million people, marketers are seeking the larger Baby Boomer and Millennial markets. The U.S. Census fixed the last year of the baby boom at 1964 and because most agree that millennials starting coming along in 1982, Xers wound up with an 18-year generational period rather than the usual 20 years.

2. They Have a Bad Rap:

The media told Gen Xers they were doomed, and they grew up feeling doomed, Every description for Gen X sounds awful: “The Boomerang Generation”, “The New Lost Generation”, “The Slacker Generation”, “The “Why Me?” Generation”, “Latchkey Kids”

3. Brands Don’t Know How To Best Reach Them:

Email and Facebook are best communication channels. Preferring more personalized communication, Gen Xers were more attached to email than other communication, with 82% checking daily or more often.

4. They are Difficult to Categorize:

Gen Xers seemed confused themselves, describing themselves as both “hardworking” and “lazy”. Only 49% of Gen Xers think they’re unique

5. Even the term Gen X Sends Marketers into a Panic:

As a recent Pew Research study says, “Generations, like people, have personalities.” And there’s no question that boomers and millennials each see themselves as a distinctive group. Boomers were defined by the civil rights and women’s movements, and by challenging authority. Millennials, who ushered in social media and gay marriage, see themselves as confident, tech-savvy and socially progressive. Only 41% associate themselves with Generation X

How Are You Connecting?

Tailgating Sports Marketing offers targeted marketing solutions to enhance the Fan Experience. Marketers and brands have totally skipped the Gen X demographic to target the larger Millennial market. Targeting this demographic offers growth to brands. By gathering analytics about your fans, targeted ads and push notifications can be utilized to personally engage them with the brand.

For the ultimate in fan engagement, our units’ “Wow-Factor”, is the selfie-booth. Fans take a branded photo in front of the screen, which is automatically uploaded to the fans’, and the venue’s social media accounts. Marking the occasion, and sharing the experience.  


Fan Experience, Fan Engagement, Brands


Generation X is a demographic that should not be ignored. With over $125 Billion in spending power, and 31% of the income dollars in america. There is growth potential for many brands. Gen X also has the highest rate of brand loyalty. Giving brands the gift of lifelong brand loyalty. With targeted ads, Tailgating Sports Marketing helps brands focus on the appropriate ad for the appropriate demographic, including Gen Xers.

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