3 Ways TGSM Drives Multiple Revenue Streams in the Tailgating Lot

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In 2017, many sports event venues have converted their entire buildings into highly optimized revenue generation funnels.  With a complex arrangement of Wi-Fi antennas, mobile apps, and Bluetooth sensor beacons – stadiums have become fine-tuned revenue generation machines.   

Only a few feet away, however, there are untapped revenue streams that few venues are capitalizing on and converting.  It is a place where thousands of fans gather together for hours at a time, in an atmosphere where they are open to sharing their preferences, affiliations, and social networks.  The place we’re talking about is, of course, the tailgating lot.  

Sponsors and venues are always looking for unique activation assets to spread their messages and new ways to connect with their target markets.  The tailgating lot is a place that is ripe with opportunity.  For sponsors, it represents an untapped revenue stream and a uniquely accessible audience.  For venues, it represents an important but often overlooked aspect of the overall fan experience.  Tailgating Sports Marketing is a turn-key mobile activation asset that allows sponsors and venues to instantly capitalize on this untapped resource.  

Let’s look at three important ways TGSM can drive revenue streams on the tailgating lot:

#3 – Maximize Your Digital Signage Footprint

Selling ad space inside the venue is nothing new for stadiums around the country.  Advertising revenues is one of the most reliable revenue streams many venues have.  From the jumbotrons to the restroom doors, and even the name of the stadium itself – ad space is everywhere inside most stadiums.  With the right assets in place, the same opportunity exists right outside the venue gates.  

TGSM mobile activation assets instantly bring a wealth of digital signage units to any parking lot.  With two digital video walls and more than fifty digital screens, the TGSM experience opens new doors in advertising revenue.  Our solution is easily scalable, allowing your venue to expand advertising revenue exponentially simply by adding additional units in any parking lot.   

#2 – Capitalize on Captured Data with Fanalytics

TGSM drives fan engagement through Fanalytics, which is a cloud-based software platform.  Fanalytics exposes trends and insights by connecting data from all your digital touch points, allowing you to visualize the fan engagement journey.  By optimizing the flow through your fan experience, you can create optimized buying zones that are mutually beneficial to the team, the venue, the sponsors, and the fans.   

TGSM’s free high-speed Wi-Fi network and interactive fan experience provides a wealth of anonymous data about the most desirable demographics within your fan base.  Gather contact information, social characteristics, ad viewership, and more.  Convert data into new revenue streams with push notifications, coupons, ticket upgrades, and hashtags.  With our guidance, you can turn your anonymous fans into raving fans!

Fanalytics data can be sliced and diced to reveal standard and predictive KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on a per-stadium or per-event basis; or data can be aggregated across multiple events and even multiple venues for maximum exposure.   

#1 – Take the Fan Experience to the Next Level

TGSM’s digital asset attracts fans from ideal demographics with selfie booths, interactive games, and over 50 LED monitors.  The asset retains fans in the area with state-of-the-art luxury climate-controlled restrooms.  Fans at TGSM assets are continually engaged, and they share every moment of their experience on social media platforms.

By enabling push notifications and personalized fan engagement, TGSM assets create new revenue streams.  With a TGSM asset deployed on a tailgating lot, fans are 70% more likely to purchase a ticket, food and beverages, and merchandise.  On average, each of these fans will spend $356.  

Refresh Your Revenue Streams with Tailgating Sports Marketing

With new avenues for digital signage, Fanalytics data mining, and an amplified fan experience, TGSM’s digital assets create the perfect scenario for a high fan conversion.  We make fans aware of your sponsor partnerships, open the door to learning more about them, and deliver an unforgettable fan experience that drives new revenue streams.

When you’re competing with the couch, providing an awesome game day experience is important.  Tailgating Sports Marketing gives you a competitive edge that translates directly into new revenue streams.  Our units are mobile, self-contained, and turn-key.  With a 7-day turnaround time and impeccable customer service, brands and venues alike rave about the results they have achieved with TGSM.  Give us a call today at (888) 995-2285 to learn more.  


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Tailgating Sports Marketing was established to provide stadiums, festivals, tailgating associations, concerts, and other events a fresh alternative to temporary restroom facilities. TGSM offers a state-of-the-art, fully interactive restroom trailer designed as an interactive engagement activation experience. Restrooms feature HD digital displays, interactive media display triggers, and mobile device gaming. Aimed at providing guests an unforgettable, comfortable and unique restroom experience, the units are also lucrative revenue opportunities for venue owners, sponsors and advertisers.

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