3 Key Points We Learned from the 2018 National Sports Forum

The National Sports Forum is being held through Feb 13, 2018 in Frisco, TX. This event brings together executives, sales representatives, marketers, and vendors with one goal in mind, fill the venue with engaged Raving Fans and have fun while doing it! While considering to participate in the National Sports Forum, the value return was important to us. So, what did we do? In true TGSM fashion we raised the stakes, and entered the Ticket Sales & Strategy Tech Tank competition.  

Ticket Sales & Strategy Tech Tank

The competition featured software companies, a mobile app, and the Ultimate Fan Experience – Tailgating Sports Marketing. Each presentation lasted 12 minutes with a 3 minute question and answer session. Tailgating Sports Marketing is happy to announce we placed 2nd in the competition. The exposure and experience was great training for the next opportunity. It’s all training.

The opportunity to meet with many different sports teams from all over the US has been incredible at NSF. The challenges are different for each vertical market, each team, and each vendor. We have found many synergy opportunities as well. An automatic beer pouring van, ticket sales companies, mobile app developers, and so much more!


3 Key Points we Learned from the National Sports Forum:

When You Are New to an Event or Conference – Go for the Gusto!

Know your product inside and out and then just go for it. Present to a new audience. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know… or 20 people! They are just people who have challenges and victories just like you.

It’s All About Connections!

You may think we are talking about networking here, but we’re not. In sales and in marketing, connecting the buyer or reader with a personal memory or nostalgic experience produces emotion. People are emotional buyers, but they don’t want to be sold to.

The Sports Community is a Family!

Families attend sporting events, but the people who help organize those events are a family, too. National Sports Forum says it is a family, it could not be more true. The camaraderie and friendships that have been built over years of time and dedications to the goal is impressive.

Newcomers Breakfast at the National Sports Forum

From the newcomers Breakfast to the Budweiser Gala, I could not feel more welcomed and integrated into a such a tight knit family. My first National Sports Forum is coming to an end, but the experience has pushed me to be better. I feel welcomed into a community where we have the same goals. Working day and night to attract, engage, and provide the best fan experience possible!

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