3 Indications the NFL Is Getting Serious About Data Collection

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As mobile technology continues to push the envelope of high-tech fan engagement – new data collection strategies are taking the NFL by storm.  The league has long been a leader in the arena of high-tech marketing, and recent developments point to even greater investment in the development and deployment of data-driven marketing strategies for its sponsors and teams.  

Over the past year, a few of the NFL’s strategic moves have revealed the league’s enhanced focus on data collection and data-driven marketing, and we’ll take a closer look at several of these important changes below.

#3 – Investing in Cutting Edge Data Collection Assets

In 2017, the NFL invested $95 million in Fanatics – a leader in licensed sports merchandise and the league’s exclusive partner in running its online merchandise store.  Fanatics is uniquely positioned to conduct data collection on individuals’ favorite teams and players, and it boasts what is arguably the most complete set of data about of NFL customers outside of the league itself.  

With this investment, the NFL assumed a 3% ownership stake in Fanatics, whose value is estimated at more than $3 billion.  Some attributed the investment to an interest in rising merchandising fees, but access to Fanatics’ NFL-related data sets was likely an important factor in the decision.  

#2 – Consolidating Fan Data Across the Entire League

The league made another important announcement in 2017, when it revealed a strategy to centralize all of its fan data in a co-op environment built on Adobe Audience Manager.  The new centralized data co-op is intended to provide valuable insights to team-level marketing efforts, while also improving the value proposition for league-wide sponsorships agreements.  

30 of the NFL’s 32 teams have agreed to take part in the data co-op, and a few key corporate partners are getting in on the action as well.  Ticketmaster (the league’s exclusive ticketing partner) and Fanatics (mentioned above) are contributing relevant data points to the consolidated platform.

With the new co-op in place, individual teams can leverage the league-wide data management platform (DMP) to improve marketing efforts to fans who have indicated an interest in their team.  And each team’s activity will continually enrich the central data set. Teams can programmatically tag fans according to their shared preferences, interests, and behaviors – and those tags will be standardized across the entire platform.  

#1 – New Data Reciprocity Agreements with League Sponsors

Several of the NFL’s new sponsorship agreements include data reciprocity clauses which require both parties to share relevant data points for the duration of the sponsorship agreement.  As an example, DirecTV shares information about consumers who purchase the “NFL Sunday Ticket” satellite broadcast package. The league cannot use email addresses or phone numbers provided by DirecTV, but it can use the shared data to improve existing profiles of subscribers who have already opted in to the NFL’s centralized DMP.  

To achieve reciprocity, sponsors gain access to the NFL’s data, allowing them to customize their messaging based on the relationships and preferences of individuals in the NFL’s data.  As an example, if EA Sports delivers an email offer to promote its “Madden NFL” product, it can use the NFL’s data to customize each message to feature the favorite team and players of its recipient.

Improving Data Collection on the Tailgating Lot with TGSM Mobile Activation Assets

TGSM’s mobile brand activation assets have been engineered since day one with data collection as a top priority.  We provide a staggering amount of anonymous data about message effectiveness and audience behavior, and we also provide several personal opt-in opportunities for fans to connect with teams and sponsors in a permissive one-on-one environment where demographics, preferences, and behaviors can be shared freely.  

More importantly, TGSM’s mobile brand activation assets are designed to attract and engage the most valuable (and hard to reach) demographic segments.  We use a free high-speed Wi-Fi data network to engage millennials and active social networking users. And we use state-of-the-art luxury restrooms to attract women and families who dread the experience of the nearby port-a-potty.  

Data collection is ongoing throughout a fan’s interaction with our asset.  We utilize an impressive array of digital touchscreens, interactive games, beacon sensors, socially-enabled photograph technology, a custom mobile app, and a robust series of opt-in points to maximize data collection for the duration of each fan’s experience.  

If your organization has not harnessed the massive potential of data collection on the tailgating lot, get in touch with TGSM right away.  One of our trained representatives will show you how our assets work, and answer all your questions about how the TGSM experience can easily integrate with your existing marketing efforts.  Give us a call today at (888) 995-2285 to learn more.

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