3 Hottest Trends in Sports Marketing Brand Activations

brand activations, experiential marketing

Big brand activations are here to stay.  We’ve seen time and time again how effective activations can drive growth and build loyalty.  Activation agencies are popping up all over the country, and traditional marketing executives are flocking to this exciting new field.  

brand activations, experiential marketing
TGSM Mobile Brand Activation Asset

Let’s take a closer look at three of the hottest trends that are driving innovation forward across the field of brand activations today:  

Trend #3 – Focus on the Person, Not the Device

Early in the development of handheld technology, a brand could generate momentum within a target audience simply by being present on their screens.  But today’s consumers are bombarded with mobile messaging from every angle, and it has become much more difficult to elicit an emotional response using only mobile messaging.  

In order to get an audience to take notice of your message today, it is increasingly important to get the audience physically involved in an activity.  That activity could involve throwing a ball, as in Verizon’s 2016 Game Winner Experience.  It could involve running through an obstacle course like the one at the NFL Play 60 Zone.  Or, it can simply involve playing an interactive game – like the ones you’ll find inside TGSM’s interactive restroom trailers.  

The key for brand activations today is to generate an emotional trigger that stays with the audience after the experience is over.  And physical activity is the most effective way to generate that emotional trigger.  It doesn’t matter if the activity is running, painting, or just swiping their fingers to play an interactive game.  If the audience has engaged in a physical activity while interacting with your brand, they will be more likely to remember you and your message.  

Trend #2 – Diversify Marketing Support for Brand Activations

Everyone loves big blockbuster activations.  Major activations “wow” fans and create a strong impression on everyone who takes part in the experience.  But brands are starting to realize that they can maximize ROI on activations by providing more support across multiple channels.  

As Ivan Pollard of Coca-Cola recently told AMA, “It’s better to do something constantly in the background than it is one big thing in the foreground, but the ideal thing is to do both.”  

We couldn’t agree more, and we’ve seen first-hand the returns that brands can generate by reinforcing their impressions.  Pepsi’s LIFEWTR brand provided a great example of this philosophy in action at Super Bowl LI in Houston.  

To support its launch, LIFEWTR partnered with well-known civic artists to design signature artwork for its labels.  The brand then placed nine larger-than-life replicas of their bottles around the city of Houston.  As a backdrop for the big bottles, LIFEWTR covered surrounding walls and spaces with 11,000 square feet of colored vinyl to immerse each of the signature bottles in its own artwork.  That is a great example of a major brand activation.  But the beauty of LIFEWTR’s success is in the support they provided across multiple channels.  

Two nights before the big game, LIFEWTR took over Houston’s popular Club Nomadic.  They filled the club with a video art installation that was projected in sync with the ambient music.  Meanwhile, at Super Bowl City, LIFEWTR was running another engagement which invited fans to create their own custom-painted footballs.  

And all week long, LIFEWTR was concurrently running its award-winning “Inspiration Drops” television campaign on networks covering Super Bowl festivities.  With one huge activation supported by two smaller brand activations and an aggressive television campaign – there’s no doubt that LIFEWTR made a splash at Super Bowl LI.  

brand activations, experiential marketing

Trend #1 – It’s All About Data Capture

Brand activations can captivate an entire audience.  To capitalize on that captive audience, however, marketers must capture enough data about the audience to enable effective follow-up and analysis.  Data capture is the factor that ties together the two trends we discussed above – triggering emotion and diversifying support.  

While traditional marketing relied on traditional means of data capture, like loyalty programs and call centers, interactive brand activations are opening a treasure chest of consumer data that has never been available until now.

By tapping in to the wealth of anonymous behavioral data that is transferred over mobile networks, marketers can gain new insights into the preferences and habits of their target audiences.  From there, the possibilities for profiling and acquisition are seemingly endless.  Various unique identifiers can be used to cross-reference your most loyal customers against massive consumer databases.  And as brands learn more about their audiences, they can respond by fine tuning their channel selection, their messaging, and their future brand activations.  

Tying It All Together with Interactive Brand Activations

These are a few of the hottest brand activation trends in 2017.  It’s no coincidence that these are the same factors that are driving the development of TGSM’s interactive restroom trailers.  Our trailers generate emotional responses by tapping in to the desires of the most attractive demographic segments available – women and millennials.  

We provide them with a luxurious restroom, right at the moment when they’re fearing the dreaded “porta-potty.”  And when they’re feeling cut off from their friends and family by the lack of network coverage at major events, we’re right on the spot with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection to reconnect them with their preferred social networks.  

Our units provide ready-made activations that can be “skinned” for use by any brand – making them the perfect complement to a major brand activation that needs supporting channels.  And when it comes to data capture, you will be impressed.  We capture a wealth of data about your audience, and we use 22 interactive screens in conjunction with beacon technology to show you how they respond to different messages.  

Get in touch with TGSM today at (888) 995-2285 to learn more about deploying an instant activation for your brand.  We have the perfect solution for brand activations at sporting events, tailgating parties, concerts, and more.  

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